Friday Night Lites

No deep thinking going on right now. Too much weighing on the brain. So…

Century Riding. While on a bike for almost seven hours what was it that I thought most about you may ask. I kept thinking that I had to pedal. At one point after 70 miles my mind could think of nothing but how I had to send messages to my legs to keep moving. They were not moving on their own. I began to wonder how many revolutions of the pedal does it take to go 107 miles?

Intellectual or Pseudo-Intellectual. I was listening to a review of a locally produced play on public radio. The reviewer compared the experience to that of the Burgermeisters of the 1920s seeing the Three Penny Opera for the first time. I ask you, does that show a deep knowledge of the theatre or was she just showing off? (Be sure to check out the cool website for the TPO).

The Six Pounds I Lost are Now Found. One benefit of riding all day is that you lose a few pounds. Sure some is water weight but you do burn some calories. By Friday they are all back where they live…in my gut.

My Son’s Soccer Team is Not Playing Great But He Is.  He is in his senior year and playing the best soccer of his life. Some scouts from elite teams have come to watch him play. Too bad he wants to play baseball in college.

Happy Birthday Hervey. Hervey Juris, one of my MBA professors, mentors and 30 years ago occasional tennis partner, turned 70 this month. I saw him 3 months ago for the first time in over 8 years. He and his lovely wife Leslie have a beautiful home in Sante Fe. I still need to write about the fabulous night I had visiting. The are two warm, inviting and intelligent people.

The Economist’s Technology Quarterly. Always some of the most interesting reading on emerging technologies. Where else can you find an article on robotics titled “I, Human”? My problem? The new one came out in the September 6th edition and I am still carrying around the last one waiting to find time to read it.

Teach Your Children Well. I have a younger associate that is very bright but thinks narrowly and therefore does not deliver client ready stuff. He has become too used to waiting for me to give him answers so tonight I tried the Socratic method to try and draw out ideas and thought process. He did not understand most of my questions. I am running out of ideas.

About all I can write for now. Later.

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