The Philosophy Of Desire

“People who want it to be easy are people who haven’t succeeded in life,” he says.

Time out. I need to stop here. You should know that as I find things to write about I often save key ideas as drafts and come back to them when i have time. The workings of, or lack of, a 50+ year old memory demand that. Usually I leave myself enough notes or tag a reference so it if fairly clear what the intention of the post is to be.  I went through the half dozen saved items recently and came across the quote above.

I love this quote. Everyone as a child should adopt this as part of their personal philosophy. The oddity is the last two words of the line…”he says.” Who is He? No link to an article or mention of a name, just a gender. I tries a number of on-line quotation sites to see if I could identify the author. No luck. In the back of my mind I have this vague feeling that it was said by someone I know. But I can’t recall the setting.

OK. Time in. Back to discussing the quote.

We all would like things to be easy once in awhile. I do.  So not the point. The point is that if we face challenges, succeed or fail at first, we can overcome challenges later. Not to mention the huge satisfaction of besting a difficult situation and how little comes from achieving the easy.

As examples,  on several recent occasions I was with young colleagues who were amazed at how I handled difficult situations and turned potential losses into gains. I know that I would likely have not done so well if I had not had the opportunity to face similar situations before. I know that some of those past moments were quite humbling.  

So whether it is overprotective parents trying to make life easy for there kids, praising everything that young people do supposedly to build there self esteem or the new generation of worker that expects to get ahead just because and not because of their achievements. To all I say, “People who want it to be easy are people who haven’t succeeded in life.”

Or rather “he” says.


PS 9-15-08

That know-it-all Pax Romano Googled the quote and found that “he” is the great Irish philosopher Jermaine O’Neil, a basketball player now on the Toronto Raptors.  I do remember reading that article. Mr. O’Neil is recovering from a serious injury and looking to return to All Star form. Hence the quote. I had Googled the quote myself and came up with nothing. Odd.

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3 Responses to The Philosophy Of Desire

  1. 48facets says:

    That’s absoluely it. I remember reading the article. How did you find the reference?

  2. Pax Romano says:


    I Googled :“People who want it to be easy are people who haven’t succeeded in life,” he says.

    And that’s how I found it.

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