Worn Out

Many in my family are showing signs of wear.

My Mom is not happy. She seems angry that she is physically and mentally not what she was. She is not adjusting to the nursing home/rehab facility she is in. She claims the other people who have been there awhile hang together and do not include her. She is tired of not being home, of being bed ridden or sitting in a wheelchair and, I am guessing, being bored. She said to me that she was not made to live this way.

My step dad needs some time off. He is with her all day, every day. It is tiring just to be sitting around. Not much new to talk about after the first 800 hours or so–which is roughly how long she has been hospitalized. Yet he won’t leave her side.

My brother shows up 5 days a week and has a 3 hour round trip commute. He is crabby, angry, frustrated and probably more than a little sad.

It is getting to me too. Between long work, travel and the weight of my mom, I am sullen, crabby and ready to crack far too often. I could barely bike on Sunday. It took over 4 hours to finish 44 miles. I had no energy from the first pedal and barely was able to drag my sorry ass back home. I can’t believe that my annual century ride is in less than 5 weeks. At this rate I may have to seriously consider a lesser distance. We will see what the legs feel like in a few weeks.

We are all singing the blues.


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One Response to Worn Out

  1. Frank says:

    You’re gonna get a century, my friend. It’ll be therapy…I’m sorry about your family…that is not easy…not at all. But the great news is you’re all still together, even when it’s tough.

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