Unconnected But Insightful Monday Thoughts

Westchester County Airport.I am spending a good part of the early afternoon at the Westchester County Airport. I flew in last night for a meeting that started early this morning. I booked a flight at 2:30 assuming that if my meeting finished on time I might still catch the 12:10. It did, I didn’t. The flight was full. This place is busier than usual. When it is busy it reminds me of a large open air market. People are milling around constantly— not enough seats. Calls to strike bargains are being called out loudly as many if not most of the flights are oversold. The emotions of people who want/need to get on an earlier flight are standing around looking hopeful and then worried as passengers come at the last moment to fill over sold planes. Some leave happy, many leave angry. Some do not get what they want at all.

Governments Do The Darnedest Things. The fun thing is that I am not even going to pick on the Bush administration. Today’s object of amazement is Argentina. Inflation in many South American countries is often at levels that would make USians  revolt (I cannot use the term “Americans” ever since my friends from well south of the border remind me that they are also Americans–South Americans). In fact, inflation is a problem in Argentina today, unless you look at the official statistics. To report the official statistics, every time the price of a product rises too much, it is removed from the price index. Let that sink in for a count of 10. The “logic” is that once the cost of something rises too quickly, consumers will stop buying it. Maybe they did get advice from the Bush administration.

Dry New Mexico Air.Did you know that due to New Mexico state law you cannot get a drink of alcohol on a flight to or from the state? I do not understand how state law controls this. Maybe no drinking while the plane is in the state or in state airspace but the whole flight? I hope, at least, that this appies to the pilots as well as the passengers.

Tour De France.  I no longer care. Does anyone?

Struck By Lightning. I am told that I missed severe storms flying into the NY area last night. At the meeting I attended on guy told of how he was spending a quiet morning on his boat— until it was stuck by lightning. No one injured but the electrical systems were toast.

Laughing Out Loud.The woman next to me on the plane home guffawed loudly and often. She was reading “Plato And A Platypus Walk Into A Bar“.  The cover says it is a book about philosophy told through humor. My next read.

I Really Didn’t Need To See That. A mother with a newborn was on the plane a few rows behind me and to the right. Near the end of the flight I was stretching my neck and when I turned to right I caught the moment between when the baby was finished breast feeding and when the feeding machine was put away. I did not turn my head the remainder of the flight.

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