Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me. Live!

WWDTE is an NPR new quiz. On the Chicago station it places late Saturday morning. Fans of the show know that it is taped on Thursday nights at the Chase Auditorium in Chicago. And on July 17, I was there. This was all part of the month long birthday celebration. My wife surprised me with tickets.

The show addresses news of the day, mostly world and political events. Three panelists answer questions from the host while NPR news veteran Carl Kasell (he is about 100 years old) reads questions and provides the prize–his voice on your home answering machine. The game creator t means that Peter Sagal was on vacation and one of the panelists, Adam Felber was filling in.

We laughed for almost all of the two hours. The questions were good, the panelists funny. So was John Waters the maker of such odd films as Pink Flamingo and Hairspray.

They tape for almost two hours in order to fill just under an hour of program. That means that there is a lot of banter among the panelists and among the panelists and guests. They also spend a bit of time re-taping parts which might be as little as a phrase and as long as a couple of sentences. The taping process was as interesting as listening to the show.

Wit, wit everywhere. And quick.

My new plan is to quit my job, go into training and become a regular panelist. I just need mental quickness. And wit.

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One Response to Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me. Live!

  1. Frank says:

    That is a fabulous present! Wow…I love that show. It’s one of my favorite podcasts.

    You would be a great guest on that show. You have the wit and the banter…what a great idea.

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