Ain’t Misbehavin’

The last play of the season at the Goodman Theatre is typically a musical. This year is that celebration of the Music of Thomas “Fats” Waller, Ain’t Misbehavin’.

I had very high expectation for this production. I love this music. It was a good but not awesome production.

Admittedly I was exhausted as I often am on a Friday night. The means that all stimuli must pass through a thick morass of a filter in order to get to my conscious thought.

Still it was not just not me. My wife agreed that given all the available musical talent, the singers were just good. During the first act in particular the songs really stretched the singers. Some were clearly outside of their competence zone. In the second act there seemed to be a better match. Either that or they became more relaxed.

Clearly much of the rest of the audience was having a great time. The show has some good dancing, broad comedy and even a bit of audience participation. The woman next to me laughed out loud regularly. I did not quite see what was so funny but I am admittedly a tough audience.

All in all it was amazing just to be in downtown Chicago being entertained two nights in a row.

p.s. I have a record, yes vinyl, of a Clark Terry led group playing many of the same songs. The first song on side one is the Jitterbug Waltz. This version is strictly instrumental which after hearing the lyrics is the way to listen to this song. This particular recording to me is one of the most sublime, beautiful pieces of music of all time.

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