Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor…and Your Gorgeous

From the pages of The Economist comes a story of great pathos. It seems Anthony Weiner, a New York congressman wants to help a group that has fallen through the cracks of the system…foreign born fashion models.

Here is the key to this near tragedy as reported by The Economist.

It’s not often that fashion models are paired with IT workers, except in the lurid fantasies of computer geeks. But because of a decision made back in 1990 they must compete for the same over-subscribed H-1B, a temporary work visa for specialised occupations. Until 2004, when the government lowered the cap on the number of H-1Bs it issued, it didn’t matter so much. But now demand has far outstripped the limited number of visas available, and many foreign models are being denied the chance to sashay down America’s catwalks.”

OH MY G-D!  What are these poor waifs to do. If it is up to Tony they will get a special exemption. Is this a great country or what!

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3 Responses to Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor…and Your Gorgeous

  1. Frank says:

    Dude, you’re the only blogger I know who can use “pathos” in a sentence. Beauty…about beauties.

  2. Pax Romano says:

    This is a serious issue, one that all bloggers should get behind!

    Save the size zero undocumented workers!

  3. 48facets says:

    Frank, I like to sneek in 3 Musketeer references whenever possible.

    Pax, the good news is that the extremely beautiful models are eligible for O-1 visas, given to those with “extraordinary ability,” like Nobel laureates.

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