Fame Is Fast And Fleeting: My 13 Seconds

Andy Warhol spoke of 15 minutes of fame. I settled for 13 seconds on the 10 pm news last Sunday.

My wife and I were in downtown Chicago walking to dinner with friends. As we are about to cross the street we are approached by a guy with a microphone and his buddy with a large video camera. The microphone had the logo of NBC5, the local Chicago affiliate. Always willing to mug for a camera we stopped. The topic?  The about to be published New Yorker magazine with a “satirical” drawing of Barack and Michelle Obama.

The New Yorker called it satire. As reported in the Chicago Tribune, Obama “said Tuesday that the New Yorker magazine’s satirical cover depicting him and his wife as flag-burning, fist-bumping radicals doesn’t bother him but that it was an insult to Muslim Americans.”

Want to know what I thought?  Watch the video. I am the one who get the most talk time. And one of the best looking!

Fame. I know of at least 7 people who saw me on TV either Sunday night or Monday morning. It’s Wednesday now and I am all but forgotten…until my next big break. Time to expand my media empire.


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3 Responses to Fame Is Fast And Fleeting: My 13 Seconds

  1. Frank says:

    My buddy on the news. I agree with you…satire is good, but it’s not in context…and people mostly will see it as way over the line. Wow.

  2. Pax Romano says:


    Well said and your photogenic as well.

    I see a big future for you in motion pictures, or infomercials.

  3. 48facets says:

    Pax, infomercials. The next $1 million idea for me. Can you get your buddy who did the zombie movie you starred in to film the first one?

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