Air Travails

There is always the self-inflicted travel pain such as leaving a notebook with my blog ideas and some work stuff on the plane coming home from Columbus. The rest is all courtesy of the Friendly Skies.

  • No one is at the gate to check-in or answer questions for a growing line of tired travelers for a flight in Denver. When a harried agent finally does get to the gate he makes the normal PA announcements but then goes on to apologise for the Company’s lack of staffing and the inconvenience that it caused their customers.
  • 30 minutes delay because one of the flight attendants hasn’t shown up.
  • 30 minute delay because the meals for the pilot, co-pilot and flight attendants have not been loaded. The pilot lets the frustrated passengers that it is in their contract that they get fed. This is a 2.5 hour flight on which none of the passengers in coach will be fed more than pretzels. He mistakenly thought we would care. After 20 minutes the passenger next to me was ready to offer his bag of chips. I had a power bar. We discussed taking up a collection from the rest of the passengers. I offer to run to Chili’s. The flight was scheduled to arrive at 11 pm before the delay. I arrived at my hotel after midnight.
  • A 2+ hour flight to the east coast was on a small, uncomfortable regional jet. The 40 minute flight to Ohio was on a 737. Go figure.

My current standard for business travel–if it did not fall out of the sky all is good. Hopefully i will not need to lower my standards.

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2 Responses to Air Travails

  1. Frank says:

    Whew, what a week. When I read “notebook” I thought at first you meant a computer. But losing ideas that were handwritten…just as bad. I’m sorry about that. And sorry about those regional jets…I just hate that they have moved to those…it’s the opposite of super sizing.

  2. 48facets says:

    Craziness Frank but you do as much or more than me. If it was a laptop I would actually have a better chance of getting it back. I was told that paper items are rarely kept.

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