Little Things

There are too many big things in my life right now. Let’s focus on some little ones.

  1. Man, Cell, Urinal. Walked into the bathroom at work to find a man at the urinal on his phone. This happened to be the same day California’s no cell phone and driving law went live. All I could think of when I saw him was “at least he is unlikely to have an accident”.
  2. Small Plane, Small Bathroom. While on the subject, I took a 2.5 hour flight on a small commuter jet. One bathroom for a fair number of people with no options for a fair length of time. It was tiny. Barely enough room to do your thing. No room to join the mile high club there. (Not that I would, honey, if you are reading this.)
  3. Kids Say the Darnedest Things. In line for airport security the reminder “take your ticket out of the sleeve” was repeated endlessly. A boy of three looked at his mom as his hands moved in and out of the sleeves of his sweatshirt and said, “Which sleeve?”.
  4. Walk a Cat. In the old section of downtown Santa Fe a woman was walking her cat on a leash. I could only smile as the cat did what cats do and wove in and out of a statue until the leash was tangled and the owner on her knees trying to get untangled without letting go of the cat.
  5. Fashion Statement. The dress code at work is casual so you rarely see people entering the building dressed up. The other day was a lovely woman in a dressy black dress about 30 paces in front of me. She had a conservative leather case…and leopard print shoes.
  6. Cleverness. I love a quickly delivered, clever quip. One shot my way at work the other night from a woman that prior to this I would have described as reserved. The specific quip would be lost in translation if i tried to tell it now. Trust me. It was good and delivered without hesitation. I might of thought of something equally clever but not until 10 minutes after the moment had passed.
  7. Airport Stupid. this refers to a very specific kind of stupidity that has to do with air travel. Three 20-something kids with backpacks show up at the airport counter 20 minutes before flight time and expect to get on the plane. I realize that those that travel infrequently may be unaware of all the rules placed on getting through airports in recent years. However unless they have been hermits in some faraway mountain lair they should know that they have to check-in, check their luggage and get through security. 20 minutes. No f’in way.
  8. All Thumbs. When did this phrase go from meaning physically awkward to texting agility? 
  9. Kid Travel. I was on a packed car rental shuttle bus with two adults traveling with two small children. I gave up my seat to the dad as his son began to whine at high volume.  We began to talk about traveling with kids these days. They packed two humongous car seats in addition to two strollers in addition to their regular luggage and had to move all this plus the kids through airports, on and off planes and to and from rental cars. Made me smile to think that mine is all grown up.

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One Response to Little Things

  1. Frank says:

    Great list, man. Made me smile…except for that bathroom on a small plane thing.

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