Being Black: Nature Or Nurture

Especially given the race of the democratic nominee for president and his mixed race parentage I found this article especially interesting. A man was raised by his white mother and step father in a white life in a white neighborhood.

In his adulthood he searches for his biological father. He finds him and discovers that the dad is African-American. He has this whole other family that is black. In the article titled Incognito, published in the Chicago Tribune, he explores a little bit of how he begins to think about who he is. Is he a white kid because that is how he was raised or a black man  because of who his father is?

If he never discovered this would the truth be different? Are you who you because of how you are raised or your genes? My unscientific poll of all the people in my home office writing this article think that it is a bit of both. Nature and Nurture.

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