Good Help Is Hard To Find

Work is harder for me than it needs to be. Far too many of the people I work with can’t do their job properly. Its not that they are unwilling to work hard. They either do not know enough and/or are not smart enough to figure it out. My frustration overwhelmed me Friday when one of my best people, someone who usually thinks about what he does, gave me a report that that cut and pasted pages from prior reports on the same topic. I am all for efficiency but not at the expense of quality. Data on one page was inconsistent with and even contradictory with conclusions on another. It was enough to make this hardened road warrior cry.

I spent the day down in Dallas at the expense of my free time, not all travel time can be billed to the client, in order to work with a young staffer. He was to have done some pre-work so that we could focus on the big issues. We present to the client this week. The pre-work sucked. I spent part of the day telling him what to do, part of the day waiting for him to do it and only a small amount of time doing what I had come for. It was back on the plane and home at 10 pm on a Friday. On my way home from working with this well intentioned but clueless young man I realized that I rarely get to work with the “wise son”.

During the Passover Seder one of the traditions is to tell the story of the four sons (in today’s PC world it typically becomes the four children but I am a traditionalist). These sons represent different types of children requiring different ways of telling the Passover story. The wise son asks to be told the meaning of the holiday as it applies to him and his people. The wicked son knows to ask questions but believes that none of this applies to him. The simple son only knows to ask “what’s all this then” (at least that’s what the Monty Python version of the simple son asks). Lastly there is the son who does not know enough to ask a question.

I tire of working with simple sons and those not even knowing how to ask a question. I try to get our people to recruit and hire more wise sons and daughters but to no avail. Maybe its time to wander in the desert for awhile. Or at least on a beach again.

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One Response to Good Help Is Hard To Find

  1. Frank says:

    Powerful…and disappointing. We’re the last of a generation, my friend. The things we do, the sacrifices we make, are from our era. It’s funny how many young people don’t get that — they’re not the wise son. I’ve been lucky in our little business to have a few wise sons, but I’ve also seen my share of wicked and simple sons.

    Great story; great lesson. And here’s to wishing for you many wise sons…or a walk on the beach.

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