Beautiful Biking Day

Yesterday was very close to perfect biking weather. The sun was warm, the air had a touch of coolness, and the wind was minimal. It was a joy to be out there.

53 miles. 3.5 hours. Average speed of about 15 mph.

I am right where I would hope to be at this stage of the summer. Of the 50 or so miles I felt strong for 45 and had a little kick left for the last one. I biked hard. For me that means being aware of pushing the pace as often during the 3.5 hours as possible. I am working on my cardiovascular training and speed (speed being relative to me not the world) in addition to endurance. My goal would be to take 30 minutes off the 8.5 hours it took me to complete the 107 miles of the North Shore Century in September. Only 3 months away.

Some day I will figure out how to get a ride or two in during the week and still get my work done and see my family. Others do it I know. This one long ride a week is far from an optimal training regime. 

Someone asked me if I am one of those people who get sore the next day or the second day after a long ride. I just looked at her quizzically and said, “I am sore all the time.” 

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