Bill Evans Trumps The Donald Any Time

I am on another long plane ride – no I am not complaining, just stating fact. I had a choice to make. Watch the E Hollywood story of Donald Trump or listen to music. No contest. I am not a celebrity junkie and it would take someone vastly more interesting than The Donald to hold my interest.

I plugged my E2c headphones into my iPod and headed right to Bill Evans. For those of you who may not be familiar, Bill Evans was one of the foremost jazz pianists of his generation and mine. My interest in jazz was just beginning to bloom when I first heard his album “The Paris Concert: Part One”. The beauty of the sounds astounded me. Not being a fan of classical music, I could only imagine that this was what it felt like for someone who did because not only was their beauty in these sounds but also complexity. Most of what I had listened to up to then was rock or country music. Good tunes but fairly simple. 

Unfortunately when I said album I meant vinyl. I have not found this music on CD and therefore cannot enjoy it while flying.  Instead I am listening to one of his solo efforts aptly named “Alone” (Verve 1968).  Most of his work was in trios or quartets.  “Midnight Mood” is particularly worth listening to.

Bill Evans was a jazz genius. The Donald. Not worth another mention. 


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2 Responses to Bill Evans Trumps The Donald Any Time

  1. Michael Petrucelli says:

    Well you’ve stumped me, I have never heard Bill Evans (though you know I am going to seek his work out).

    As for Donald Trump; I have a physical reaction to the sound of his voice, sort of like that reaction one gets when finger nails scratch on a chalk board.

  2. 48facets says:

    Pax, he is pretty well known in Jazz circles. Those of you still under 50 may be too young to remember him. So for you the memory will be kicking in soon?

    I like Evans because he takes the music beyound the basic melody but does not destroy it. I do not care for jazz that leaves the melody for half an hour just so each player can show off their talents or to do some technically difficult move that comes out as noise.

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