Bolt Sprints Past Heston

One way to get a lot of hits on your blog is to write about a hot topic in the news. My previous champ was Chuck Heston. I wrote a piece on him a day or two after his death and got 61 hits leading to a best ever total hits of 131. Until this past Sunday. My post on the new world’s fastest man has been viewed 684 times in the first three days. Bolt was 10:1 over Heston.

Fascinating what people will search for. I Googled Usain Bolt 100m and I came up near the top of Google’s list. I figured that there must have been hundreds of blog posts and other references and I was positioned in the top four!

I am not going to seek out hot topics only to make some numbers (unless that would draw paying advertisers of course).  I prefer to keep my principles (YOUR AD HERE) and only write about things that matter to me.

Still, a new one day record of 399 is kind of cool. I am still aiming to build an audience that averages 1000+ per day.

Tell all your friends about 48Facets. I may split the ad revenue with you.

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2 Responses to Bolt Sprints Past Heston

  1. Frank says:

    WTG, man! That’s a good number. It’s funny what brings in traffic…and you have a great inventory of content. It’ll just keep building.

    Hey, we need to talk about that header…the pic’s aspect ratio won’t fit in the space above. Call me if you get a minute today.

  2. Michael Petrucelli says:

    Or you could always take Frank’s lead and post something about Pam Anderson!

    The most hits I ever got was when I wrote about the former Porn star/escort/solider who was a right wing talking head on Faux news. Can’t recall his name right now.

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