World’s Fastest Man

For two brief years in high school I ran track and cross country. In track I ran the half mile and anchored the mile relay. While I was not fast enough to make the leap to varsity, this began my love for track and field.

The title, “World’s Fastest Man” goes to the world record holder in the 100mm dash. As of yesterday there is a new WFM, Usain Bolt also known as known as Lightning Bolt. (Bolt, is that a classic name for a sprinter or what?) He blew away the leading USA sprinter.

Usain is from Jamaica, also home of the man he replaced as WFM, Asafa Powell who did not race yesterday due to an injury. The Jamaican Olympic trials should be must see viewing.

In world class sprinting the margin between having and losing the world record is minuscule. Bolt’s official time of 9.72 seconds was .02 seconds faster than the prior record. Amazing.

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3 Responses to World’s Fastest Man

  1. Rich says:

    I saw this and was amazed. As I am most times I watch the 100m.
    I saw Powell equal his old record at Gateshead, UK last year. It was unreal.

  2. 48facets says:

    I love track and field. This is obviously the main event though I like the 200m and 400m as well. It seems that for Bolt given his size that he needs a near perfect start. He got it.

  3. Natalee Loney says:

    It is about time the world start to realize the potential of Jamaicans. We are the only country to have the world fastest men apart the USA. Lets recap L . Christie, D Bailey and of course Ben Johnson (but we will not claim him). He can stay with Canada. I am so proud that we did not do this with drugs but all those running down the bus and blocking the streets to race and of course the lunch races and who can forget the strong Jamaican food . The world need to know this, it is time to take a bow Jamaica!!

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