One More Block

I walked an extra block tonight and am glad I did. I am in Santa Fe tonight for the first time.  I am in the midst of the historic district looking for a restaurant. Not being overly hungry I decided on sushi. After awhile I saw a place on the fringe of the tourista area. I decided to walk an extra block to see what I could see.

I came upon Shohko-Cafe. the building was nondescript and that was the nicest building on the block. I had walked away from shops made to look like pueblos to, well, just buildings. I went in anyway.

Nice on the inside. A lot of just people. Just the way I like it. I am guessing that Santa Fe is like that. Kinda casual and eclectic. I sat at a corner of the sushi bar. I had a couples on both sides of me and I could see several of the tables and most of the people sitting at the bar. The food was very good and the people fascinating.

First the food. The sushi was fresh and delicious. The sushi chef, Kuni made everything look as good as it tasted.

The people. There seemed to be a large number of regulars. Several spoke limited Japanese to Kuni and one was fluent. None looked Japanese. Looking around the room The was a gut in his 40s with a black t-shirt and long silver hair in a pony tail. On my right was a couple in their 20s. The young man was some form of artist. Overhearing the conversation it seemed that he works with gold and is a musician. The young woman was telling him of how she wrote about him in her journal. The shared a shusimi combination which looked amazing. On my left was a guy who looked Hawaiian and his date/wife who had curly red hair.  They seemed to know Kuni well.

After they left, the cutest 20s couple took their place. She was slender, long, straight brown hair and was as cute as a bug. He had one of those week-long growth beards and a hat that made him look like a jazz musician from the 1940s. Straw, small, band, brim turned up all around. She was a vegetarian. Kuni made a vegetarian roll for her that was beautiful. We struck up a conversation. He was 3rd generation Santa Febian. He just got back from 3 years in Miami. He liked Santa Fe but complained that there was little to do for twentysomethings. He has been a regular at the restaurant since he was a kid. He knew the woman that owned the restaurant and her daughter who was also working there. Said that this was the best Japanese restaurant in town.

I like a place that through quality food and service has outlasted chains by cultivating a clientele. I like these small moments of interacting with people in the world.

Glad I went the extra block.

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2 Responses to One More Block

  1. Frank says:

    Dude, you painted a great picture of that place. Now I want to go to Santa Fe. Nice…very nice.

  2. 48facets says:

    I need to keep a camera with me and get good at convincing people to let me take their picture. This would add to the written picture. Santa Fe is pretty cool. I hope to make it back there soon.

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