One Fine Day

Friday was my third and last day in Philly. I had been on a thousand client calls, given a speech and managed to have dinner with friends. I had needed to stay over an extra night for work because they had a client reception Thursday night and wanted our conference speakers to attend. And yet, I would have found some excuse to stay. On Friday I got to hang out with Sarah, Frank and Charlie at the world-wide headquarters of iFractal.

Sarah and Frank are the founding partners of this HR/communications consultancy. They run it differently than a big corporation. One of the things that makes them and their business special.

On Frank’s blog he often spoke of biking that he and Charlie would do. Often to Falls Bridge or further to the trendy Philly neighborhood of Manayunk. Given my love of biking I had wished for the opportunity to join them. On Friday, the fairy godmother granted me my wish. Here is how I spent one fine day.

Woke up at 8 a.m. How luxurious. packed showered and grabbed a cab across town. The day was sunny and as warm as most any day so far this year in Chicago.

Sarah and Shawn were just leaving for the firm’s favorite breakfast place, Frank was waiting on me. We start to gear up when Charlie walks in. I had heard about Charlie but other than a 5 second introduction the night before , we had never met. He decided he would join us which required going the few blocks back home. In the relaxed way of this day there was no clock to watch or schedule to keep. We rode when we were ready to ride.

The bike path out to Manayunk was beautiful. It follows the river. Unlike Chicago, there is topography that rises from the ground. The path itself was not hilly but some of the scenery surrounding it was. 8 miles out, a leisurely stop for a latte at what I am told is the best coffee place in Philly. It certainly was good. Just before we stopped i got to visit The Wall. This is a street that rises steeply and goes on for a few blocks. I made it maybe 30%-40% of the was before my legs gave out and my lungs began to cry. There is a professional bike race each year in which 10 loops of 12 miles are done and each loop includes The wall. Amazing.

Back to iFractal, a quick shower, some down time and then on to lunch. We went to a place–I think a current or former art  gallery. We sat outside in the sun and enjoyed a very fine buffet. A truly lovely setting. One of the best parts is that they knew Frank and Sarah by name. I need to find and frequent a place where they know me. I would like that.

The next couple of hours we hung out. That is where and when the look of 48Facets changes. It will change again. Watch for it. Unfortunately even the best days end. At 4 o’clock I headed to the airport and my Philadelphia adventure came to a close. But what a fine finish.

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2 Responses to One Fine Day

  1. Frank says:

    Hey, Ubermensch, we also had One Fine Day. It’s funny, but when I was a kid, my friends had to live on my block. And when I was a young adult, they had to live near me. As I’ve aged, I realize that friends can be everywhere, and it’s a sign when you see someone you haven’t seen in a long time and it’s like you saw them yesterday. Thanks for hanging out with us. I enjoyed the ride…and great company.

  2. 48facets says:

    Frank, I agree with you about friends. I have long used your definition of a good friend in terms of being able to pick up where you left off no matter how long it has been.
    Next time I’m out lets make some time for just the two of us to hang out. That is the one thing that I missed out on.

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