$4 Per Gallon

Three days ago I spent $3.979 for each gallon of gas I put in my tank. The sad news is that this will probably be the last time in my life I will fill up for under $4. (For those of you who may have a few more days you should know that Chicago area prices have been 15-20 cents higher than almost any other city I travel to and my non-luxury VW Passat takes premium.) Already the price of regular is in the mid $3.90s. I feel nostalgic for the good old days which were only a few months ago.

I know that China is sucking up a bunch of resources and that their are problems in some oil producing companies such as Nigeria but I still do not understand why prices have risen as fast as they have.

Time for some serious contemplation on how often to use the car and how lifestyle changes may be in order since fuel and food costs are rapidly increasing and my income is not.

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