OOOPs. Sometimes Smoke Is Just Smoke

Most of the time I take a different point of view from the phrase that Where There Is Smoke There Is Fire. My POV is usually, If Something Does Not Look The Way It Should Look Again. My point being that much of the time things are as they should be. For example, can’t find something? First assume it is somewhere, then look in all the usual places, then the unusual places and then repeat this process. It is more likely to be misplaced than lost–or stolen.

Which brings me to yesterday. I could not find my Blackberry and iPod (smoke). I emptied my briefcase, checked my car and while I began to believe that it got stolen (fire) from what should have been a very safe place. This did not make sense so I looked everywhere twice. I even waited until I got to my office to see if I had left them there (unusual).

All the time I had this nagging thought that this did not make sense. No one else reported anything being stolen. And yet my stuff was gone and I had checcked everywhere twice. I filed the office security form in order to start the process for getting a new Blackberry. I was bummed out all day. Yet because of this nagging feeling I mentioned the “theft” (did I give the ending away with the quotation marks?) to only a few people. Typically once I have an interesting story I tell everyone near by and then stop random people on the street to tell them. You get the idea.

Sure enough I get to my car at the end of the day and something catches my eye. A pen was laying at the opposite side of the back seat from where my case sits and where I had invested all of my search time. I looked some more. Guess what. Yep, the pen was not the only thing out of place. All the supposedly stolen loot was right there. The pocket holding everything must have been open and items flew out when I took a tight curve driving home the other night. Case solved.

So do you think “If Something Does Not Look The Way It Should Look Again” will ever catch on like that old smoke/fire saying?

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4 Responses to OOOPs. Sometimes Smoke Is Just Smoke

  1. Frank says:

    Glad you got your stuff back. I can totally see how that can happen…I have a place for everything and everything in its place. So…when it’s not there, something’s wrong.

    Funny turn of a phrase, btw. I’ll start using it!

  2. Pax Romano says:

    Like I was telling Frank, I am going to have my wallet and keys surgically attached … you might consider the same for your Blackberry and iPod!

  3. 48facets says:

    Pax, I like the surgery idea. The only concern is that there are at least a dozen items I would need attatched. Maybe I can get a surgical discount.

    Frank, at this point I no longer even get embarrassed about this kind of stuff. Just part of life. I don’t know what excuse younguns’ like you and Pax have.

    In terms of the phrase, if I can get you, Pax and both of my other readers to start using it, maybe it will go viral! That would be cool.

  4. Harold says:

    Well done. I lost a shirt for 2 weeks only to find it in my car.

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