What’s In A Name?

Going through my mail with the usual spate of credit card offerings, requests for donations and get rich quick investment letters.  One stood out.

Third Federal wants to give me a loan. In these days when brand name financial companies like Citigroup and Bank of America are bleeding multibillion dollar losses, I am looking for an institution that inspires confidence.

I know it is only a name but Third Federal? I should borrow money from an institution that was not good enough to become at least Second Federal? Heck since the savings and loan scandal of a couple of decades ago I would not even deal with the very First Federal. I know that I should be studying the bank’s balance sheet and not its name but a company that failed marketing 101 is not getting me for a customer.

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2 Responses to What’s In A Name?

  1. Frank says:

    LOL…I always thought “Fifth Third” was the craziest name for abank. Great point about what’s in a name.

  2. 48facets says:

    While lame, Fifth Third at least is based on the cross streets of an early location.

    At least I got a post out of a piece of junk mail.

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