My Sweet Son Visited This Weekend

No I do not have another son that I have been hiding from you. I just have a 17 year old. They tend to be highly multifaceted or maybe just multiple personalities. This weekend he brought back memories of the sweet kid I used to know but who doesn’t show up as often anymore.

He was grounded this weekend. Reasons are unimportant. That meant no going out Friday and Saturday night –he would normally be out until midnight– and after baseball practice on Sunday he needed to come straight home. I felt that this would be a reasonable weekend for a grounding. Saturday night we were hosting a Passover Seder for 20 members of the extended family and he would have to be home anyway. Friday we need his help preparing. He did not even argue the punishment.

All weekend he was helpful when asked and even did some things without being asked. And there was much to do. He got his homework done, caught a few extra hours of much needed sleep and even carried on conversations. The best was that he led the Seder the second night when there were just the three of us. I think he liked that. It was his first time leading.

I of course want to put all the good behavior on the fact that we caught him doing something wrong, delivered a fair punishment and did not stray from our position– he did ask his mom if he could go to the Cubs game on Sunday and she said no. Yes, kids need and even want limits. So our good parenting must have made all the difference. Sure, I’ll buy that. At least until it does not work out this way next time.

For two and a half days anyway it has been great to see the side of him that usually only other parents get to see.

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