New Record: Man Goes 8 Days Without Celebrity News…And Survives


While in Curacao last week I watched no television and never once checked the stock market.  I tried reading the newspaper but it was in Dutch. I was in a state of ignorant bliss.


But I came to know what I was not missing the most while in the supermarket check out aisle the day I returned. There I could not help but be overwhelmed with the faces of “celebrities” that I could not care less about. On the covers of People, US, In Touch and all the other rags were Britney (does it affect my world if she has another relapse), JLo ( so she lost 40 pounds after giving birth, big deal, she has so much money she can hire a personal trainer 24/7 to do the exercises for her), and all sorts of beautiful people I did not miss while away (yes you Matthew McConaughey…please put a shirt on). And yet we pay sooo much time fawning over their every move.


Instead of celebs I met a woman who drove miles out of her way to lead us to a restaurant we could not find, a young guy from The Netherlands who instead of trying to make all the money he possibly could was having a great time working as a dive master making enough to pay the rent and have some spending cash, and a sweet older woman who had moved to Curacao from Europe 40 years ago and who made sure that we felt welcome at Friday night services (at the oldest, continuous Jewish congregation in the western hemisphere. 257 year old synagogue. 350 year old congregation).


Real interactions with real people or celebrity gossip. No contest.



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One Response to New Record: Man Goes 8 Days Without Celebrity News…And Survives

  1. Frank says:

    That’s what it’s all about. We work to do that…some people just live it. How great would that be?

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