Harold, You Da Man

This week in Curacao was spent with my buddy Harold. We have known each other since high school, roomed together a year in college and have stayed connected ever since. We did a shorter trip like this in the Bahamas 10 years ago.

Harold is extremely organized. He planned out the whole trip. Found the air, the place to stay, had dive sights set up, everything. He also did all the driving and 110% of the navigating around the island. I am a negative 10% contribution to navigation.

Traveling with someone else has the potential to be stressful. Different rhythms to how you like to do things and what you like to do. Except that he hated the time we spent shopping for replacement clothes and I could have shopped longer, we generally agreed, were agreeable and got along well. Not bad for being together almost every moment.

This trip would not have happened as well or even at all without him. Thanks for a fun week. Let’s not wait another 10 years. 

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