SCUBA Spectacular. Watamula

Two fine dives today. We began with the first unassisted (no dive master) dive since early in my 17 year diving career…and I am here to write about it. The navigation required was fairly straightforward. But still, no professional to lead the way or help if something goes wrong. Directions. Swim out past the breakwater to the sea wall and head left and go deep. Once again this could have been a very deep dive but we kept it to no deeper than 60 feet. Out along a good but not great coral reef. A goodly number of fish and other sea creatures. Turn, come back past the point of entry to the right side and then back again. I felt closer to being a real diver having done this on our own.

After a few hours at the beach we boarded a boat headed for Watamula on the northwestern part of the island. I had heard that this is one of the best dive sites on Curacao. That was understated. I wish I had the words to describe what I saw. Spectacular, awesome and fantastic give the order of magnitude but not the visual representation.

The sea life is not what this dive is about…its the coral. Wow. The varieties.  Looked like Giant mushrooms, cactus, brains. And there were sweeping plants waving in the movement of the water. Greens , browns, purples, orange. In some places the shapes were like mountain. In others a fanning circular roof with multiple layers. All shapes and sizes some incedibly large. And it just kept coming. I have never seen so much corral of such variety packed into the same place.

This was a drift dive meaning a current carries you and you just go for the ride. I would shift perspectives. At once moving in to observe the beauty of an individual piece or even a section of a piece. Then I would step back, technically swim back, and take in the majesty of the scene. I wish I had pictures.

We were under for 50 minutes and it took my breath away virtually the entire time. At the end there was the assent to the blue+grey surface. Today from below it looked hard. Hard like the way water feels when you cannonball off a diving board. You move up slowly, slowly, slowly. Then you finally crack the surface of the water. Can you tell, I like this stuff!

Everyone reading this should get down here now. Not sometime in the future, now.

Our thanks to dive staff at Sunset Waters fora great time today.


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