Charlton Heston: Multi-Faceted Actor and Man

He was born John Charles Carter in my hometown of Evanston, IL. What comes to mind when you thinkof Charlton Heston?  A man who played strong dynamic characters? Hell, even his stage name exudes strength. Say the words Charton Heston slowly a few times over. This is a man who played Moses and Ben-Hur. He was strong but of good character. He was not an overnight sensation as we see too often these days. He plied his craft at Northwestern University. Took time off for to be in the army. Then to jump start his theatre career he started a playhouse in Ashevill, NC.  So while he eventually acheived the heights of his profession, including an Academy award, he worked hard for what he earned. I loved the roles he played in the great movies though he had his share of stinkers.

What else comes to mind?  Right wing supporter of a number of causes including the NRA and Ronald Reagan? True. He clearly was on the political right in the years of my adulthood. But this is also a man who in the 1950s spoke out against racism and supported the civil rights movement well before it was popular even in Hollywood. He supported Stevenson in 1956 and Kennedy in 1960. He even supported gun control in 1968 after Bobby Kennedy was assasinated.

I guess the point I most want to make is for those of you who remember him, remember the whole man. The man of many facets.

Enjoy the chariot race from Ben Hur. Warning, it goes 9 minutes.

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3 Responses to Charlton Heston: Multi-Faceted Actor and Man

  1. Lady Sharon says:

    Your tribute is moving and I feel the same way. He was a great actor and I believe a loving father and husband.

    When he wrote his autobiography he had book signings and came to my city in Toronto. He was tall and looked so strong and handsome, exactly like his film presence. As I approached him with my book, he took my hand and kissed my cheek. I thought I would die. He was such a gentleman and truly gentle and kind.

    It is sad that his later years may overshadow his life but I think people should understand that he suffered Alzheimer’s disease which affects the brain. In his later years his actions may have been influenced by his disease in the early stages. In his last interview his wife seemed to paint this picture also.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    Lady Sharon

  2. Brit Newshound says:

    48Facets, I agree wholeheartedly with you. When WE’VE spent six decades living life at the top of our game, then we might be in a position to criticise if we so choose. But not until then. Like Widmark before him, Heston was a legend.

    Thanks for sharing the chariot race – one of the all-time great moments of action cinema.

  3. 48facets says:

    Lady Sharon, I had known about the Alzheimeräs but had not connectedthis to his early behaviors. Interesting thought.

    Brit, legend is the perfect word. thanks for stopping by.

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