My Own Private Plane


Two pilots, a flight attendant and me. Never happened before. I have been on corporate jets a couple of times but always with my clients. This time, just moi.

It was not one of those sleek corporate models but a twin prop Dash 8-300. Seats 50 when full. 49 open seats. On the first leg of my way home from Kingsport, TN headed to Charlotte. The flight I was scheduled to be on had boarded all the passengers but me at the timeĀ I arrived at the ticket counter. Mind you this was 25 minutes before the scheduled departure. Well someone decided that there was no reason to wait for me.

What they knew that I did not is that the flight scheduled to arrive 2 hours earlier was about to land. Land it did and 10 minutes later I boarded. The flight attendant kept looking for more people but they never came.

I was told I could sit anywhere. I chose the seat in the first row that seemed to have the most leg room so that all 5’7″ of me could stretch out. The FA looks at me and says ” 50 seats on this plane and you have to sit right in front of me!” I had not realized that the jump seat was directly across from my seat. I sat across the aisle

I got great service on the flight. Thanked the boys in front personally as I deplaned.

Unfortunately the leg from Charlotte to Chicago was packed full. A shame. I had gotten accustomed to flying solo.

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One Response to My Own Private Plane

  1. Frank says:

    That’s a once in a lifetime story. Wow…never, ever heard of that before. Glad it happened to you. Thanks for the smile on that one.

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