Good News, Bad News

Talk about your GNBS scenario. Grey wolves have been protected successfully enough that their numbers have grown and they are about to be taken off the endangered species list. That of course is the good news. The Bad. The day that happens it will become legal again for humans to hunt grey wolves.

That sounds like a raw deal. If I were a grey wolf I might do as the draft avoiders in the 1960s and 1970s did and head for Canada. Or at least demand a recount.

Good thing that middle aged, Jewish men are still on the endangered list. I am safe for now.

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One Response to Good News, Bad News

  1. Frank says:

    Great turn of a phrase about draft dodgers and heading to Canada. I chuckled. And you are one of a kind, my friend…so you’re always on the endangered species. Mensches are highly endangered.

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