What-Me Worry?

Today’s Headlines

  1. Big Belly Boosts Risk of Later Dementia. That’s where I have been storing 10-15 extra pounds for years.
  2. Bloodshed in Iraq. Not that this is new but now its Shia vs. Shia. I thought violence there was surging down.
  3. Skilling: Thundersnow, 2-4 inches possible. Will winter last until June in Chicago?
  4. ‘Cheese’ Heroin Hooking Young Users in Dallas. Great. Another cheap but potent and addictive drug on our streets.
  5. With bread at $7 million a loaf. Oh, wait. That’s Zimbabwe. Maybe at least they will finally get rid of that nut of a dictator.
  6. Connecticut-Sized Ice Shelf Crumbling in Antarctica. Will oceans rise and Chicago become a coastal town?
  7. Dow down 120 amid Lehman rumors. I finally take some risk in investing and I am in the red.

What – Me Worry?

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What you read is what you get.

One Response to What-Me Worry?

  1. Pax Romano says:

    Guess we are all doomed.

    Drink up, it’s later than you think!!

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