Being With A Prostitute. Was That Wrong?

spitzer.jpgDear Eliott Spitzer,

As Governor of the great state of New York and a former attorney general I would have thought that you knew the law.  Not right from wrong mind you. Or ethics. No I never expect that much from a politician, but a knowledge of the law–absolutely. Apparently you missed the statute that makes paying for sex a crime even in Albany. Even if you hold a high governmental position. A position of trust. 

Now I have nothing against you personally despite the fact that I lost more than a year’s pay when you righteously sued the company I was working for for something that may or may not have been criminal but was certainly ethically questionable. Tens of thousands of us who had nothing to do with that part of the business lost money or jobs. But I digress.

I feel for your wife who stood there gallantly while you apologized. (I would not have been surprised if she pulled a Lorraine Bobbitt on you right there at the podium.) Fortunately an apology makes everything right again. Sort of like when my son was little and I kissed his boo boos when he would fall. Can you kiss away the pain that you caused to your children today? I know that your mother must be very proud.

I assume that no apology would have been necessary if you had not been caught. It isn’t wrong if no one knows.

One of my friends had an interesting take on your situation. He felt that he would like to spend time with you to learn time and money management. He wonders how in your busy schedule you repeatedly found time to spend with the women of the Emperor’s Club. And at $4,500 a pop. That must be some pop! So much to learn from a man once known as the man Time magazine once named “Crusader of the Year”.

I am not judging you for what you did. Lord knows you were not the first or the first politician to hire prostitutes. I do think this situation drips with irony. (In fact the Chicago Tribune begins all videos with a commercial. The sponsor that played before your apology–The Bedding Experts. Beautiful irony.)

I cannot wait to find out how long you last as Governor and what you will do next with your life. My plan is to play your press conference over and over again. Nothing like good comedy.

Best regards,


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One Response to Being With A Prostitute. Was That Wrong?

  1. Frank says:

    Ass-kicking great letter, man. Spot on.

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