White Man Ironic

The company I work for tries hard to celebrate the diversity of people. They put on seminars and meetings to acknowledge peoples of all types by sex, race, sexual orientation, etc.

I was not surprised then by the latest poster advertising a seminar on helping your children embrace diversity in the world. The picture of the speaker for the seminar did catch my eye and cause me to smile. Did no one in leadership see what I saw? The person leading the discussion of diversity will be a middle aged white male. Can’t get more diverse than that!

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4 Responses to White Man Ironic

  1. Frank says:

    Too dang funny. You have to wonder what people are thinking. LOL.

  2. A white man is part of a diverse world, people should never forget that.

  3. PeachFlambe says:

    I agree with Richard Cutts. As a woman and a “person of color” (by the way I hate that term), I resent the idea that white men can’t be a symbol of diversity. In fact, in my opinion we’ll never make any progress on the issue of diversity until everyone is involved in the dialogue.

    Many people see me as an example of the “success” of diversity efforts (and their predecessors, which we used to call Affirmative Action.) I’m often asked to talk about my career to young people and give them advice on what it takes to be successful. What they are surprised to hear is that the people who had the most impact on my success were….white men. They were the ones who recognized my talent, mentored me, gave me opportunities, pushed me to go beyond where I thought I could go, and, yes became my friends. They didn’t do it because of any training program. They did it because they looked beyond the physical, cultural and social differences and saw my potential. And they did it because I was open to their efforts – I listened, I learned, I made my share of mistakes, and I grew. If I hadn’t looked past the fact that they were white males, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

    Women and people of color don’t own the diversity space. Everyone does.

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