50 Minutes Of Bliss

No not that. I have not been able to that for 50 minutes since…well since never. Try these words instead.

Terrace. Mexico in February. Massage. Put them all together and you get close to heaven on earth.

It was our last night. We had talked for a couple of days about getting massages. Actually I told my wife to get one. After all we were there to celebrate her birthday. She insisted that we do it together.

Yet it was so easy to lay around, hardly move and order another drink. Walking the 200 yards to the Spa would take planning and effort.  I am a procrastinator by nature. It did not look good. Earlier that day we discussed the possible times. Nothing seemed to work. She had made plans to play tennis and later we had the Oscars to watch. It just wasn’t going to happen.

Then fate intervened. Her tennis partner canceled. We had an hour to kill. Why not take a chance and see if the Spa had openings? We did. They did. Right now.

The Spa had the normal inside massage rooms but the openings were on the terrace. Open air. Looking over the ocean. Looking at all the poor people on the beach who were not about to get oil rubbed all over their bodies. Beauty.

Mine was Scandinavian, possibly Swedish. She had great hands. Long, strong fingers. Her hands worked quickly and powerfully. It was magical.

massage-therapy.jpgWe had asked for therapeutic massages using medium force. No elbows gouging into muscle knots but no light frolic either.

The funny thing is that while I enjoyed the massage immensely, I had pain in every spot she touched. Neck, shoulders, back, thighs, calf and feet. OK not everywhere. It did not hurt when she rubbed my head. That’s it. I suspected that I was a physical mess but I did not understand to what extent. If I had the time and money I would have had her work on me for days until she worked the pain out of my body. Every knot, every aching muscle. I estimate she would need most of a week.

After the message, I showered then went into the steam room. This was followed by a special shower that dumped cold water on you as you pulled a cord for as long as you kept pulling. At first I went 1 second. Then 2 seconds then 4. There was something stimulating about having this rush of cold water after a steam.

I have a second letter for my alphabet book of adult pleasures. M is for Massage.

Hard to believe I was living this bliss just two weeks ago. Today it is 24 degrees in Chicago and it will be colder tomorrow.

Excuse me while I close my eyes, breath deeply and repeat my mantra. Terrace. Mexico in February. Massage. Terrace. Mexico in February. Massage.

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One Response to 50 Minutes Of Bliss

  1. Frank says:

    Man, I can’t tell you how fantastic that sounds…even the cold water part. I’ve always wanted an outdoor massage….I need to get to places where that can happen!

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