Stupid Parent Tricks

I no sooner write about overindulgent parents, then this headline shows up in the Chicago Tribune “Plane’s Landing Not Par for the Course“. A fourteen year old living in the north suburbs of Chicago was going to be late for a tennis lesson. In a week he would be trying out for his school’s tennis team. To be clear, this was not the tryout it was a lesson.

If i were the dad being asked to get my son to a similar event and we could not drive there in time I would be inclined to say “Hey, next time you should have planned to leave sooner.” But Robert Kadera is not me.

He decides that they will take their small plane and fly to the lesson. Is there an airport nearby? No. There is a private golf course attached to a hotel across street from where the lesson was to be. Why not! Oh yea, it is illegal and perhaps not safe.

But I need to get my spoiled kid to his lesson or the world will end. From the story, it actually does not appear to have been the son’s idea but the dad’s. So now the ma’s plane is impounded, he will at least pay to have it tow (police would not let him attempt to take off) and may face criminal and/or civil penalties.

Good life lesson for the kid.

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