Yesterday All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away

That’s because yesterday I was in Puerto Vallarta. Sunny, cloudless skies, cool early mornings transforming to mid-80s by 10 am, beach, pool, good food and alone with my wife. 4 days 4 nights of heaven.  Came back during a snow storm to cold temperatures and a need to go to work today.

We stayed at a place called Dreams. It is an all-inclusive resort. Drinks food and most activities paid for up front. No money, no watch, no worries. Private beach, relatively quiet. A few kids, mostly young ones, the type that are cute and make you wish you had a little one again– until they dart toward the ocean or try to pet the iguanas. Then you watch the parents chase after them and you are glad to have a teenager who is at home instead.

The hard part is the near instant transition. One moment it is sunny and 85, then you walk onto this metal tube with the things sticking out the side, you read and nap for awhile and the next thing you know it is snowing and 28 degrees.

Now I long for yesterday!

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