Please Don’t Feed The Iguanas


Interesting wildlife was all around us at our resort in Puerto Villarta. First noticed were the dive bombing pelicans. Pelicans have this fascinating approach to catching fish. They circle around for awhile and then dive straight down to the water. It was one thing watching this show from the beach but another to be swimming in the ocean and have one hit a few yards away.

A school of dolphin swam parallel to the shore during lunch one day. Two pairs of hunchback whales did likewise one afternoon. This is migration season for the whales. I wish I had been up close and personal. Still, we saw water spouting and a few hunched backs come out of the water.

One night a sea turtle came to lay eggs on our beach. She must have been at least 4 foot from head to feet. They lay eggs by finding one spot and then moving in a circle. We watched for several minutes. She was there when we came back later. We were told by another guest that the staff came by and removed over 100 eggs.  This hotel finds a safer place for the eggs, hatches them and then releases them back into the wild. We watched for a bit longer as the turtle finished circling as part of the egg burial ritual and then began to slowly make her way back towards the water.

Last but not least were the two iguanas that hung out on the rocks near one end of the pool. I have seen many an iguana in my day. These were two fine specimen. I watched them for some time as they lay in the sun and occasionally yawned. Not unlike myself. While the staff at the resort were generally very helpful and attentive there was one lapse of judgement. A 2 year old child momentarily escaped the watchful eyes of his parents and headed for the iguanas. One of the staff gave him a piece of fruit and suggested that he feed the iguana. Not the best of ideas. One bite, one visit to the doctor on staff, no serious harm done. For all you out there with little ones or if you find yourself facing an iguana after a day of all-inclusive resort alcohol consumption, I have only one piece of advice. For those moments have a copy of this post handy and remember to read the title.

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