H Is For Hammock

It’s February and at home its as cold as witch’s…well you know. It’s sunny and 80s where I am. People come by every few minutes and to take my order and return with the beverage of my choice. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore surrounds me. I am relaxed.

What could be better?

All this and to be swaying softly in the breeze on a medium designed especiallyto conform to my body. I am weightless, suspended in the air.


One day I will write an alphabet book of adult pleasures. I already have one letter done.

H is for Hammock

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4 Responses to H Is For Hammock

  1. PeachFlambe says:

    Now you understand why I make my yearly (and sometimes twice a year) pilgrimmage to the home of my forefathers…nothing quite like the Mexican sun, sea and sand. Viva Mexico!

  2. 48facets says:

    No need to convince me of the virtues of Mexico. Or the virtues of sunshine and hot temps during the winter months.

    What part(s) are your forefathers from?

  3. Frank says:

    Great posts, man. Glad you had a great time there…and I laughed about the iguana.

  4. PeachFlambe says:

    My grandfather was from the state of Sinaloa – not sure exactly where. Before coming to the US the family folklore says he was a cohort of Pancho Villa….probably explains my revolutionary streak.

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