Random Thoughts Of A Day

  • I like going to meetings of important people. I get picked up at airports in a limo.
  • I had a good dinner and better conversation with one of my clients.
  • I saw a monk at the airport. I had assumed his burnt orange robe was like a big sheet that was wrapped and folded. However, he took the opportunity to adjust it right in front of me as we were riding the airport tram. It seemed to be more like a tube of cloth that he tucked in certain places to make it fit. I want one.
  • On the plane I sat between a woman from Lansing Michigan and her adult son. She appeared to be a “typical” late sixties grandma from a small Midwestern town going on a “wild” vacation to Orlando. She mentioned that she preferred flying first class but we were on a coach only flight. Then it came out matter-of -factly that she has flown over a million miles. She keeps flying to keep up her 100,000 mile status. Sometimes one or more of her six children come with her and her husband. They are preparing for a trip to India after recently having been to China, Thailand, Vietnam and other parts of Asia. I swear she looked like some homebody who never leaves the small town. First impressions can be deceiving. Assume that people are 48faceted and you will be right more often than not.
  • The son seemed to be very mildly retarded. I could tell by his general mannerisms and speech patterns having been around autistic and retarded people most of my life. He was fairly articulate, strongly opinionated, a little loud. All I could think was that I wish my sister was nearly as high functioning.
  • A boy of seven or so was walking with his mom in the Orlando hotel I stayed at. She had asked him if today he wanted to go to one of the theme parks for the day, I did not catch which one. He responded with the wonder and enthusiasm that only a child can. “Of course, I have been waiting my whole life to go there.” Classic.
  • My son watched American Idol last night with a buddy before all his homework was done. I was a thousand miles away. By not succumbing to my normal lecture mode on the value of doing homework first I received a very quickly spoken  “I love you” before he hung up.
  • 71 degrees is better than 5 degrees.

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One Response to Random Thoughts Of A Day

  1. pax romano says:

    What a wonderful, observational piece.

    Thank you for sharing that.

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