People Are The Same, Just Different

Why would a blog dedicated not only to the differences between people but the differences within each person start by saying that people are the same? Because we are!

What is important about being the same? If we are the same we should have the same rights. The same rights under the law, the same right to respect from others of our species, the same right to opportunity. Differences, whether real or perceived,  give the prejudiced among us an opportunity to say that some are superior to others and those that are not among the superior can be treated badly. Somehow it is always “us” that are superior and you all that are inferior.

Well, for those of us that believe in science as opposed to religious or ethnic mythologies, there is proof that we are more the same than not. As reported in The Economist;

Lluís Quintana-Murci and his colleagues at the Pasteur Institute, in Paris, published a study in Nature Genetics that looked at which genes have undergone recent natural selection at different rates in different parts of the world, and might thus contribute to any biological differences between races.

Given the fraught nature of the subject, the results are gratifyingly uncontroversial. Several of the differences Dr Quintana-Murci detected are in genes for the superficial racial markers of skin colour and hair form. Most of the others whose functions are known are connected either with diet or with resistance to disease.

…All in all, the school of thought which holds that humans, for all their outward variety, are a pretty homogenous species received a boost.

The remainder of the article can be found here.

So I guess the white supremacists and other hate groups got it wrong. There is nothing to feel supreme about at least on a group basis. No great differences discovered by race, sex, ethnicity, sexual persuasion (while I am not sure the researches specifically tested for this I am adding it to my list). I would argue that the people among us that act like menches are the ones with the right to feel superior.

Yes, as individuals we are different and as the French say Vive le Difference! Take the middle aged guy at O’Hare today with the Buzz Lightyear hat. He is clearly different. (I am not talking baseball cap but full toy size hat with the wings and everything.)

This blog will continue to identify and describe all of the nuances that make the people I encounter special in their own ways. Just remember that genetically the differences are minute and that you could be me or I be you. Treat each other well. Especially me.

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2 Responses to People Are The Same, Just Different

  1. pax romano says:

    No, it can’t be true! I was always told that middle aged, Italian/Irish, gay men who have lost the hair on their heads were superior!!!!

    Now what am I gonna’ do??? Oh woe is me!!

    Kidding aside, what a great study, but I think, (I HOPE) most of us knew this already.

  2. 48facets says:

    Pax, middle aged, Italian/Irish, gay men who have lost the hair on their heads are superior. Its cultural not genetic.

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