I Have A Youthful Constitution

This is one of those good news/bad news stories. The last thing my doctor said to me was that I had a youthful constitution and it was a complement. Since crossing the 50 line I have not felt youthful. Not old, not dead but only in very rare moments have I been feeling youthful.

Back up 90 seconds from my doc’s last statement. His penultimate statement was that I have strep throat which does not usually occur in people my age. As I said, good news/bad news.

Maybe this is just the kind of thing doctors learn to say to make their patients feel better- the youth thing not the strep thing. If so, it worked.

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2 Responses to I Have A Youthful Constitution

  1. Frank says:

    Dude, you do have a youthful constitution. You’re in great shape and you walk like a young man. 50’s the new 30, baby, and you’re on the leading edge. Bad about the strep, great about being Mr. Youth. I like that. Let’s live a long life.

  2. 48facets says:

    50 is the new 30 only for those of us there and those of you on the way. But thanks anyway.

    Long and healthy, buddy. Remember that you always need to be careful what you wish for. Lets plan on meeting in Fiji in 2040.

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