Ode to A Hot Shower


If I were the least bit lyrical or poetic this would truly be an ode. I just thought that “Post To A Hot Shower” did not have the quality I was aiming for.

What is it about a truly hot shower that is do damn pleasurable? And what makes it exponentially better than a lukewarm shower?

The feel of running water on the body is good. The first sensation of hot hitting my skin and then being enveloped in heat is one of life’s great pleasures. Heat relaxes, lets you step out of the weight of your life for a few moments. Zen like?

I particularly notice hot showers because they are rare for me. During the week I am the first one up and take the first shower. Lukewarm 9 times out of 10. It is the second shower, the one I sometimes get on weekends, that is HOT.

It can’t just be me that feels this way about a good shower. I remember 20 or so years ago as a young professional I was hanging out with a group of partners of the accounting firm I worked for. The conversation turned to the great pleasures of life. To a man these partners were extolling the virtues of a great shower and even debated characteristics of and preferences for shower heads then on the market. This was a serious discussion.

Sometimes small pleasures are the ones that matter most.

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4 Responses to Ode to A Hot Shower

  1. I just had a hot shower.
    BOOYA 🙂

  2. pax romano says:

    Amen, my brother!

    A hot shower (especially on a cold morning, or after a miserable day) makes things perfect.

    Let’s face it, a hot shower is one of the few sensual treats that we can engage in with out feeling guilty later (unless of course you are worried about the water or gas bill 😉 )

  3. Frank says:

    Nothing better. It’s where all my good thinking happens. And sometimes I like to lurk an extra minute or two just because I don’t want to turn off the heat. Man…nothing better than a shower at a great hotel when you can let it run forever.

  4. 48facets says:

    I wonder if this is a guy issue. Only guys commented. I have never heard my female friends talk about this– though it may be that they are not going to discuss their showers with me.

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