A Forward Thinking Government


In the U.S.? You have got to be kidding. Possibly with a new president but I will not be holding my breath. Wealthy, established interest groups trump long-term change every time. Even when the writing is on the wall our leaders have found a way to deny, deny, deny.

Not so in Holland. The impact of climate change matters when it causes water levels to rise and much of your country is below sea level. As recently reported on NPR, Holland is trying a couple of innovations to help cope with the coming reality.

In his report as part of an ongoing series on climate change titled “In a Strategic Reversal, Dutch Embrace Floods” reporter Joe Palca raises a question we should be asking of our leaders.  ” How do you get people to focus on an enormous but slow-moving threat?”  (He was referring to the very gradual phenomena of the rise in sea level.) First, Holland is evolving from its decades old strategy of  building strong barriers to keep the water out. The Dutch government “has decided to lower the dikes in about 40 parcels of land, allowing them to flood when the rivers rise. This will take the pressure off existing dikes farther down river.”

Palca found it interesting to have a government more interested in the effects of climate change than the general public.  How different than a government that toadies to big business and changes policy with every poll.

The second thing happening in Holland is that “architects are designing a new Holland that will float on water, and the Dutch government seems willing to try out the scheme. Innovation being supported by the government? What a concept.

Who knows if any of this will keep Holland from becoming Atlantis in 100 years. I just like the fact that they have recognized a future problem and are investing today in the solutions. As a country we have so much to learn.

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2 Responses to A Forward Thinking Government

  1. Corky says:

    Actually our country is called THE NETHERLANDS and not Holland…

  2. 48facets says:

    I apologize. Holland was used in the article I read. I fell into the trap of too many from the U.S. and did not bother to find out why sometimes The Netherlands is referred to as Holland.

    I do not want to deserve a reputation as one of those ugly Americans that care not for the rest of the world. I will not make this type of mistake again.

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