Vindicated! 7 Hours Of Sleep For All!

I know many people, including my wife, who seem to not need much sleep. I on the other hand seem to need 7 hours minimum. I rarely get that much. 5-6 hours seem to be the most during the week. I have viewed this as a weakness on my part. I assumed I was in the minority in terms of needing all of this sleep.

But no! I am normal. Well, at least relative to my need for sleep.  According to Dr. Eve Van Cauter, a sleep researcher and professor of medicine at the University of Chicago, as reported on NPR, “Short sleepers, people who can do with five hours of sleep a night, do exist. But most sleep researchers say they comprise only 10 percent or less of the population.”

Or maybe I am just in the wrong decade. “Van Cauter notes that the National Cancer Society surveyed more than a million Americans in 1960 and found that people said they got an average of eight-and-a-half hours of sleep.” Of course there was no TIVO to watch, 24 hour Internet, cell phones, blackberries, etc.”

This week I have been sleep walking through work. In hindsight I should have just left early one day and gotten a few extra hours of sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Even the sound of the word spoken aloud brings a certain pleasure. 

Excuse me now. I have to go. I have something to do. For about 7 hours.

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2 Responses to Vindicated! 7 Hours Of Sleep For All!

  1. PeachFlambe says:

    I think the importance of sleep is almost always underestimated in our society. Consider the machismo with which people (college students, consultants, lawyers, bankers) brag about pulling an “all niter”. As for me, while I’ve done that in the past, I’m definitely a 7 to 8 hour sleeper and have been for most of my life.

    We’re trying to attack this issue at our company. The HR leadership team is working with a group called The Energy Project on how to build more sustainable energy and capacity. One of the first lessons focuses on physical energy and the need for sleep – and yes, 7 to 8 hours is the norm.

    I think I’ll go take a nap now.

  2. 48facets says:

    The Energy Project. How do I tap into some of that?

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