If It Walks like A Duck And Quacks Like a Duck…


…it may be a Muscovy duck. This picture was taken on the Big Island of Hawaii. Actually,  I can’t guarantee the breed but I think two hours is enough time googling ducks and, just in case, geese.

It amazes me how much time we, or maybe just me, will spend time on something in order to get closure. Yes this is an unusual looking waterfowl,  but do I really care what kind it is. I may not really care but the call of the hunt was too great.

Part of the problem I had was that I started searching for ducks of Hawaii. Unbelievable how many websites you can find with pictures of Hawaiian ducks. It had not occurred to me that this particular quacker may not be native to the island. It matches no pictures of Hawaiian ducks. Of the pictures I found on the web and the written description it is likely a Muscovy. They tend to live in Mexico and Central and South America. This link to Wikipedia is informative but their picture is not as close to my duck as this one (you need to go to the middle of the page).

Mystery solved. I can move on. Cool duck though, don’t you think!


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2 Responses to If It Walks like A Duck And Quacks Like a Duck…

  1. Frank says:

    Wow, you can add that to your Birder’s Life List. Pretty excellent find.

  2. 48facets says:

    It was the black sand beach that brought us there. This guy grabbed my attention. He was hanging out with some normal colored ducks. From what I could tell he was cruising the pond but the other ducks were not giving him the time of day.

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