A Tale of Two Beaches


It was the best of beaches, it was the worst of beaches. To be honest yesterday’s beach was not the worst I have been to but it did pale in comparison to today’s magnificent beach. Even a Dickens’ character would have had to be happy at this beach.

Where to begin. Today was our first full day of sunshine. We asked the boys (my son and his friend Jon) to get up early so we could have a full day. Most days D has slept until 11 or 11:30. They actually complied and we were out the door before 10. The bribe was that we were going to the boogie board beach, known on the island as Hapuna State Park.

What made this beach magnificent you ask? The fine sand, the clear aqua waters, the waves, the sun, the sun, and the ability to get 30 yards from the shore and still have a water depth of only five feet. (If you read the last several posts you will recognize that  repeating ” the sun”was no error.)

We boogied, swam, sat in chairs and read, had lunch in the covered picnic area and soaked it all in. Including a little too much sun even with multiple applications of sunscreen. What can you expect when the first perfect day is day 7 of our vacation. No second degree burns at least. At one point near noon the wind kicked up moving from the beach out to sea. The waves would crash on the shore and then droplets blown back. It was beautiful. At one point at the edge of the beach a wind funnel formed. The swirling sand had the look of a mini tornado. One of those bamboo beach mats was blown high into the sky. For a minute or so it was as if you were watching an expert kitesman causing his kite to do tricks. I could not believe how high the mat went before the phenomena was over and the mat floated down to the sea. On the Big Island there have been other moments of sudden change in the weather.

We stayed until sunset and quite contently drove the hour back to our room. The sunset was a 7 out of 10. Yet even more beautiful was the line of clouds touching the mountains in front of us. As the sun set, the purples, blues and reds just blew us away. Unfortunately we were on a highway with no place to pull off so the only images are in my head and in this paragraph.  

The day before we went to Kekaha Kai state park. This day was a tweener– somewhere between the bad luck we had for the first half of the vacation and the very fine second half. The weather itself was like that. The most sun we had seen in one day since we arrived in Hawaii yet not the bright sun with a few meandering clouds that we had the last 3 days.

The bad. We had picked this place because we were told it was good for boogie boarding and only a 30 minute drive. The boys had no desire to be in the car at all so this was as far as we were “allowed” to go. Even this drive caused modest grumbling. (The severe grumbling was yet to come.) No one told us that the park closed on Wednesday. That would not necessarily make this a total loss since we could still get to the beach. The only problem was that the beach was 1.8miles from where we could park. We had chairs, boogie boards, a picnic lunch and a few other items to transport. We put it in the boys hands, drive to the next beach or walk to this one. They choose the walk.

It was a stroll on a hot afternoon on a partially paved road that led us through a lava field. Even though we tried to take only “essentials” we had way too much to carry but we made it. We made it to a small beach comprised of sand and water with large and small lava rocks in between. It was hard work to get to the water and once in you needed to battle more rocks. Not what we had hoped for. There was a second beach within walking distance so we packed up and crossed the sand. lava rock and see to the other beach. Beautiful sand but the ocean surface here was also rocks. Severe grumbling by the boys (only topped by the grumbling on the walk back to the car). Lemons from which to make lemonaide. With nowhere else to go we hung out on the beach.

The good. We had continuous sunshine for the entire afternoon. The boys found a way to have fun by playing with a frisbee on the beach and we sat, read and soaked up the sun. The other good thing was studying the lava on the walk down. I will cover that later.

The walk back to the car seemed to take forever.

Taking the boys to Hapuna the day afte taking them to Kekaha Kai; it was a far, far better thing that I did, than I have ever done.

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