When It Rains, It Pours or How I Spent New Year’s Eve

As we left our hotel in Maui I thought that the rain was my only nemesis. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. Just the beginning of my personal growth opportunities.

The rain led us to need to change our flight because the 10 seat puddle jumper was not sure it could fly in the rain. So on to a more expensive and later flight. An extra 2 hours in the Maui (read small) airport. Then on to a shaky flight on a 30 seat prop plane. Our son’s friend Jon thought he was going to die.

At last we land in Kona. Sunshine, no rain. Oh, no luggage either. A fact that it took 45 minutes to discover. Four bags checked, zero make the plane. Don’t worry we are told. There is a 50/50 chance that if they are found we might get them yet tonight.  Fill out the lost luggage form and on to the car rental place.

National Car Rental has a neat policy. You go out to the lot and pick the car you want within the size category reserved. We had several different makes and models to choose from. My son picked a Chevy HHR. A cool looking car with leather seats, sun roof and XM stereo. Things seemed to be looking up.

Drive to the hotel. Check in. Park in the indoor lot. Turn off the ignition and pull out the key. Pull out the key. A not so funny thing is happening. The key won’t come out. I have owned several cars and rented hundreds, including a Chevy HHR. Never had a problem with a key before. I search for a button, I push in, I pull out and…nada. My son decides that he has the answer; I am just an idiot.  I continue to try everything I can think of for 20 minutes while my family goes up to our room. Aha, I will call the rental company’s emergency service, they will know what to do. I realize that I may not be the only one with this problem when there is a special “push 1 for key and tire problems” in the voice response system. Three different people at the other end later they admit that the Chevy HHR frequently has this problem.

Now what to do about this? Their first idea is to have me drive the car back to the airport. I decline their generous offer. Finally they agree to bring a car to me. I just have to wait over an hour for them to show up. That will mean two hours total out ripped out of our New Year’s Eve. Not to mention the added stress.

So here we are hanging out in our room in the clothes we have been wearing all day waiting for luggage and a car. The only good news of the day is that our room is phenomenal.

After our luggage was lost I had told our son that there were two ways to handle these situations. Be frustrated and angry or laugh it off. I laughed off the rain, the scary plane ride and luggage lost. At this point the best I can do is a forced smile. If  I was not trying to set a good example, I do believe that swearing would be how I spent the last of 2007.

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2 Responses to When It Rains, It Pours or How I Spent New Year’s Eve

  1. Frank says:

    Beauty story, man. I’m not crazy about puddle jumpers…zoiks. But I’m smiling about the description of the day. Wow.

  2. 48facets says:

    Frank, at some point you laugh then cry then laugh again. I finally had a new rental delivered and our luggage had arrived by the time we goy back from dinner. i just thought that vacations were supposed to reduce stress not add to it.

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