Rain, Rain Go Away

When you leave the Midwest in December/January to vacation you want one of two thing, snow on mountains or sunshine at the beach. Notice that none of the choices is rain.

We went for sun and beach. In Hawaii. After flying all day Friday– left the house at 4 am and arrived at our hotel at 7 pm (11pm central) –we arrived in Maui. Total amount of sunshine over the next 3 days—2 hours. Lots of clouds and intermittent rain. We did the best we could. Walked on the beach the first two mornings, read lying in beach chairs in our bathing suits (after all it was in the upper 70s), did some very cool snorkeling and drove up to the top of a volcano.

Today is a travel day so the fact that a steady downpour greeted us from the time we awoke does not spell disaster. Just minor inconvenience. The 10 seat island hopper was not sure if it was going to fly. That meant booking a later and more expensive flight we expect to take us to the Big Island.

Five real vacation days and a long day of travel remain. We are praying to the weather gods that the Big Island will be deluged with sunshine. Normally I do not ask people to waste god chits that could be used toward world peace or a cure for cancer but if you have some extra pull with your deity a little prayer donation for sunshine at Kona, Big Island, Hawaii, USA would be very much appreciated.

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2 Responses to Rain, Rain Go Away

  1. Frank says:

    Doing a sunshine dance for you right now!

  2. 48facets says:

    Thanks Frank. With the time delay it is just getting through on Wednesday. You must be in good with the gods.

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