If Work You Must…

… this is the way to do it. I got a client call moments before we were headed out of the hotel.  After a 45 minute call, we went to the beach. I agreed to read an email some time tonight.

So I am on the Internet but let me set the scene. It is 10 pm Kona time (5 hours earlier than eastern) and I am in a comfy, padded wicker chair in an open air lobby using the free Wi-Fi. It is 80 degrees with just a gentle hint of a breeze to keep me comfortable. I have my iPod on and am listening to Billy Holiday sing.

If I could work this way more often I may be forced to find a new descriptor. This just isn’t “work”.  

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2 Responses to If Work You Must…

  1. Loryn Kogan says:

    Sounds like your rain went away. Glad to hear the vacation is going better for you. L.A. was very sunny for us. Maybe there really is something to be said for living in warm weather year-round?

  2. 48facets says:

    Yesterday was good nd today better. Glad the weather in LA was good. Too bad the game score was not.

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