Dead Turtle Or Is It is Just Resting?

Several weeks ago I wrote about a dead parrot and shared a video containing part of the hilarious Monty Python skit about a dead parrot. In one part of the skit the shopkeeper in an effort to retain the sale suggests that the parrot is just sleeping.

I could not help think about this again yesterday. We were at the site of an ancient Polynesian village. One part of the beachfront was roped off and designated as a turtle resting area. Sure enough there was a turtle on the beach. After 3 minutes of watching this turtle not move a muscle or show signs of breathing I suggested that it may be resting permanently. My wife, ever the optimist countered that it was just tired and must be sleeping. Monty Python immediately came to mind.

We explored the village for an hour or so before returning to check up on our boy. My wife insisted that he was further up the beach than before. I suggested that the tide had just gone out. But before I could say another word our boy opened and closed an eye. Just in case we missed it the first time he did it again. IT IS ALIVE!

Shame on me for being the pessimist that I can be.

Check back in on this post next week when I add a picture of our boy. He is a handsome not dead sea turtle.

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