The Ride Home

This is more about the ride than going home. Home was the direction at the time. I have a 21 mile commute that can only be done by car — sorry ozone layer. Two things about tonight’s ride.

First, I decided that I needed to shut myself down from the outside world for awhile so I plugged in my iPod. No NPR, no news, no deaths, no disasters. Not in my world, not tonight.

The music was somewhat soothing but I find that I need to work hard to stay in the moment. Not to think about work or what I need to do once I get home. Just concentrate. Listen. Enjoy. Touch that part of me that I do not get to at work. It is not as if I can do much about work or home while driving anyway. Now can I? Almost there when the phone rings. I had not thought about turning it off. Back to working on being where I am.

The second thing about tonight was a tad scary. I have had a bad cold for the past few days. Felt better enough to go to the office today.  As a sophomore in high school a bronchial condition developed. Ever since I cannot get a head cold with it transforming into a monster of a cough. People that have heard it are sure that I am death’s door. No big deal most of the time– you sort of get used to it after almost 40 years, sort of. Only time it matters is when I cough so much that it squeezes the air out of me, when it does that so hard when my vision gets fuzzy, when my vision gets fuzzy and I am behind the wheel. Say , like tonight. It is not as if all sight is lost but this time visual clarity took a few seconds longer to return than usual. Maybe I should keep some cough drops in the car—YOU THINK!

Actually, I was probably no more distracted than some people are on their cell phones. That is really scary.

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