Brush, Floss and Go To The Dentist

The three rules of healthy teeth. I religiously do the first two, the third not so much. I assumed at my advanced age that cavities were unlikely. Wrong. Despite brushing 2-3 times a day and flossing regularly I am about to have a tooth extracted and a second one drilled big time. Extracted. Unless I am being airlifted out of a flood zone, that is one ugly sounding word.

Ahhh. The sound of a dentist drill. With all of the technology improvements of the last decadeĀ one would have thought they could have created a nano sized muffler for those things that if not made them silent at least got them to play show tunes.

It is not that I am afraid of the dentist. I do not dream of Little Shop of Horrors or Marathon Man. I just have trouble scheduling appointments given my ever changing schedule. Lesson learned.

I will update you on the painful journey of the next several weeks as this tale unfolds. Next Key date: December 17. Drilling. Can’t wait. Whrrrrrr. Gulp.

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2 Responses to Brush, Floss and Go To The Dentist

  1. Pax Romano says:

    I feel your pain!

    I have inherited lousy dental genes from both my parents and have had just about every damn dental procedure known to man done to my mouth.


    But Dentist! From Little Shop of Horrors is a great song! OH MOMMA!!

  2. 48facets says:

    I guess bad dental genes are not as bad as other bad health genes. Still. I am not looking forward to what is coming up.

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